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Another From The Director

Thank you all for your support first of all! We greatly appreciate it. The students could use some more snacks for after school rehearsals if you are able to send them in. We are good on drinks.

Students need large water bottles for after school practices. The little plastic 16 oz bottles are not enough for outdoors. Please make sure they are staying hydrated.

Also, do NOT allow your child to come to practice in sweats. They need to be dressed in short sleeve shirts and shorts to avoid issues in the heat.

T-shirts will not be givien out until the 150 payment has been made, nor will the shoes. On Friday, we will be wearing BLACK SHORTS (not athletic wear), white socks, tennis shoes, and show shirts (if they come in time. They should wear a blue MRHS shirt on Friday in case they don't. Please ensure payments have been made prior to then.

We will also be having a CLAP OUT with percussion playing in front of the rest of the band and athletes through the hallways at the end of the day on Friday during 4th block.

Volunteers are need for the events below. Please sign up at your earliest convenience! If you have questions about what it entails, please don't hesitate to ask.

16 Sept football game:

17 Sept Carwash

23 Sept Football Game

24 September Wando Marching Competition

15 October Boo Bash

Thank you so much and have a great day!!!


Deborah Hamner

Director of Bands

May River High School


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