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From The Director

Thank you so much for all of those who helped out this weekend. The kids did an AMAZING job at our first game and at the car wash! If you go into the Band App, you can see several videos and pictures.

A special thanks to those who helped at the game: Julie Nizam, Ashley Claffy, Curtise Rennis, Brian McClure, George Graves and Kristin Katzianer, Brent and Jennifer Brodie, Kim Graves, Heather Thornton. We ended up making over $400 in concessions!

Of great help at the car wash were Ashley Claffy, Julie Bertasso, Brian McClure, Griselda Torres, Kathleen Carr, and Lauren Schroeder. Students who were busy washing vehicles were Ryne, Gwen, Macy, Keagan, Dean, Megan, Phillip, Ky, Lauren, Gabby, Mhia, Riley, Michaela, Elizabeth, Juliana, Braxton, Karen, and Aiden, and especially to Amanda Morgan from Turn 1 Auto for assisting in making the car wash happen. Their business is a perfect location and they were so supportive of our program. We ended up making $797 on Saturday from the car wash!

A special thanks goes out to Olivia Jimenez who painted a banner for Friday’s game (you will have to come to next week’s game to see it).

I have entered times into the student’s Google Classroom, but I know typical teenagers don’t share this information with their parents so here it is for you!

Monday (TOMORROW) is our second parents night at the band room

Friday Sep 23

5:30 - Dinner in cafeteria 5:50 - Change over 6:00 - Inspection / Warm ups 6:40 - March to field 6:50 - Warm ups 7:08 - "Half Time Show" 7:15 - National Anthem 7:30 - Game Begins

Sat 24 Sep

8:30AM - warm ups / run through at MRHS 9:00 - Change over 9:15 - Inspection 9:45 - load bus 10AM - Depart for Wando High School in Mount Pleasant, SC 12:20 - Arrive at Wando High School 1:15 - Warm-up time 2:15 - Pit Staging Time 2: 20 Band Staging Time 2:30 Performance 3:30 - Depart for MRHS 6PM Arrive at MRHS

Pictures will be taken on November 28th. Obviously the Senior banners will not be posted at the football games, but I would like to post them at our other performances. Again, if you are interested in purchasing pictures, please let me know.

Thank you all for an amazing week and I will see you at the parents meeting tomorrow!


Deborah Hamner

Director of Bands

May River High School


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