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From The Director

Good morning,

We may be able to make do with what we have as far as volunteers for Friday night's football game, but I can't take the band on a trip with only 1 chaperone on Saturday. Please sign up today if you are able to assist on Saturday or we will not be able to go at all. The students have put in way too much work to not do this performance. It is the marching performance that actually counts for the Outstanding Performance Award at the end of the year. I have also heard a couple of students who have said they are not able to attend which really hurts the rest of the band because our numbers are so low already. That is also why I sent out the calendar at the beginning of the year explaining every rehearsal and performances are mandatory. If there is any way possible that everyone could make it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please sign up below for upcoming events!

Thank you so much and have a great day.


Deborah Hamner Director of Bands May River High School 843-271-4686

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