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From The Director 2-26-2023

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far, and are not struggling from the pollen like I am!

The first reminder if for those who have not paid the fee for Carowinds or for the second half of band / instrument fees / or Winter Guard. All of these fees are due by MARCH 1st. If you need to have that extended, please give me a call so we can work it out. Winter Guard is $150, the second half of the semester (only due for those students who did not take band the 1st semester) is $75, the instrument usage fee is $90, and carowinds is $25 for those in both semesters and winter guard and $75 for those who are new to band this semester. Please ensure this is taken care of so I don't have to bother you with a phone call later this week.

Our next parents meeting is Monday the 13th at 6:30, immediately following our rehearsal. In fact, to kick off the rehearsal, we are going to perform for you all 1 more time and show you exactly what they will be doing the following day (so rehearsal will technically be going until about 6:45 instead of 6:30 that day).

Anyone who is interested is running for a Band Boosters board position for next year needs to be nominated at the meeting on the 13th, at which point we will vote for those members, and their first responsibility will be at the following meeting the first Monday of April. I hope you are all considering helping out your child in this way. Responsibilities of the board members are in the attachment

If you are willing to bring in snacks for the students for after school rehearsals / Pre-CPA, CPA, Carowinds that would be greatly appreciated! The only thing we have left in the band room is popsycles from Marching Band. The students greatly appreciate that on long days after school. Just have your child bring them in at any time.

Our pre-CPA performance is TUESDAY!!! For those of you who do not know what Pre-CPA and CPA are, it is Concert Performance Assessment, where we perform these same 3 songs we have been working on in front of judges and they let us know what we do well and what we need more work on. We also have to perform a piece that we have never seen before after looking and discussing it for only 6 minutes. This is like a state final exam for musicians. Pre-CPA is a district level preparation for the state level CPA later on in the month. The chaperones for these events are simply responsible for going with us and ensuring certain items get on and off the bus (all handed to you that morning) and enjoying the performance and being available in case anything crazy happens, which is not very likely. They should be in the band room by 8:45 AM, leave by 9 and we should be returning to the room by about 2. We will watch Whale Branch perform at 10:20, and Bluffton High at 11:10, and then we warm up at 11:35, perform at 12:05, and Sight read at 12:30. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Volunteer Opportunity: 28 Feb Pre-CPA:

Also, we will need 2 more parents for CPA (Concert Performance Assessment) on March 14th on a charter bus to Lucy Beckham High School in Mt. Pleasant. We will leave around 9 and return by 6, stopping for a quick lunch and dinner. We warm up at 1:30, perform at 2, and sight read at 2:30. Again, the requirements for this commitment are very similar to the ones for Pre-CPA, except you may have to escort students to and from the bathroom prior to and after the performances.

Volunteer Opportunity: 14 Mar CPA:

For Carowinds on March 18th, I am still in need of several Chaperones. The requirements for this trip is to ride the bus to the park, touch base with you group of 7 students 2 times in the morning, ensure those 7 students are on time to warmups and the performance, one more time of ensuring you here from your 7 students in the afternoon, and ensuring they all get on the bus with us in the evening prior to departure. If you are able to go (must be certified to be a volunteer through the district, like all the other volunteer opportunities), please let me know. If I don't get enough volunteers, we will have to cancel the trip.

Upcoming schedule:

Feb 28 - Pre-CPA District at Beaufort HS (will need 3 chaperones)

Mar 2 - Band Rehearsal 4-6:30

Mar 9 - Band Rehearsal 4-6:30

Mar 13 - Band Rehearsal 4-6:30 THIS IS AN ADDED REHEARSAL.

Mar 14 – CPA – Beckham High School – Mt. Pleasant – 3 chaperones are needed

Mar 18 – Carowinds

Winter Guard schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday in Feb and Mar from 6:30 – 8:30

Mar 3 - Practice 4:30 -6:30

Mar 4 – Competition at Mauldin

Mar 10 - Practice 4:30 -6:30

Mar 11 – Competition in Lexington

Mar 18 – Carowinds

Mar 25 – Competition in Rock Hill

Mar 31 - Practice 4:30 -6:30

Thank you and have a great week!


Deborah Hamner Director of Bands May River High School 843-271-4686

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